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  • U.S. Navy Approved
  • 100% Environmentally Friendly
  • Structural Properties
  • Spray up to 1" Thick in a Single Pass
  • No VOC's
  • H2S Resistant
  • Confined Space approved
  • Non-Flammable
  • 3X's Stronger than Concrete in Compression
**Patented Product and Single Coat Heated Application System**
                 No Solvents to weaken epoxy properties!

No matter what your lining and rehabilitation needs are, Structural Epoxy Solutions has a solution and a system for restoring and protecting your concrete or metallic infrastructure.

Our products and patented systems have a superior service record with over 25 years of worldwide
applications in the water and sewer industry, private industry, and public utilities.

patented solvent free spray system, combined with our zero VOC epoxy
is safer for both the applicator and the environment, while delivering superior
adhesion, corrosion resistance and structural strength.

A strategic partnership between Warren Environmental and Intrepid Offshore Construction allowed the opportunity for the inception of Structural Epoxy Solutions. Together bringing the best epoxy coating in the world to not only the municipality districts of many cities around the globe but to petro-chemical and industry as well.

This alliance has and will continue to prove to be one that is going to change how coating and corrosion protection is done on a global scale.
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SES can coat a pipe's interior down to a 1" diameter pipe...
Our Epoxies bond to most any surfaces (stainless, steel, plastic, wood, brick, concrete, etc.)
Structural Epoxy Solutions
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(A Division of Intrepid Offshore Construction)